Top 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Fellas, if you plan on getting lucky this Valentine’s Day, make sure you gift your special lady something nice! Below is a list and links with my top Valentine’s Day picks! 

1.) Ramo Buchón- Every girl loves and dreams of getting a ramo buchón (exaggerated amount of roses in a bouquet)! Flowers are always a must for women on special occasions! If you want her to know how special she is to you, say so with a GIANT rose bouquet! You can expect to pay anywhere between $150-$500 for this extravagant arrangement. The more roses you select, the more you pay. You can always customize your bouquet by printing a special message on a ribbon, adding accessories like crowns, led lights, you name it! The sky’s the limit here! 

2.) Perfume- We don’t just like to look pretty, we also love to smell pretty! Gift her, her next favorite signature scent. Alien perfume is exquisite! Both purple and gold bottles have a sweet, sexy, sophisticated scent. In my personal opinion, the gold bottle has a more subtle scent, which to me is just a mysterious and sexy scent. The purple bottle is just as sexy but a tiny bit more sweet! Whichever option you choose, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG! 

3.) Apple Watch- If your lady is in to electronics, an Apple Watch is a perfect gift. She will be able to pick up your phone call and answers your text messages right from her wrist! The classic “I didn’t have my phone”  excuse, will be out of the picture; as long as she’s wearing her watch of course 😉! 

4.) Apple Watch Cover- Listen fellas, none of us girls like to be basic. Yes it’s true, some of us have more flair than others but at the end of the day, we all like a little extra something! If your lady already owns an Apple Watch, add a cover to your Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re gifting her the watch, you can’t forget the cover! Oh, and the green protector too 😅! 

5.) Fancy Charger- Now that she has a watch, don’t forget the fancy charger. She’ll be able to charge her new watch, phone and AirPods! Remember the excuses I mentioned above? Well, this is another one of those situations! We all hate the “my phone was dead” excuse! on top of it all, this charger is just so aesthetically pleasing 😍

6.) AirPod Max- if you really want to impress her, AirPod Max’s will be a huge hit! Think beats, but 10,000 times better! Other than the look, my favorite feature about these is the noise cancellation option, you literally push a button and block all sound out! These are perfect to listen to music while working out, white noise before bed, podcasts, Netflix, etc! This is for sure a top pick! I personally purchased every single color and Pink is my very fav!

7.) Candle- I love this little candle. Not only does it smell good but have you read the little message printed on it? “IN CASE I DON’T SAY IT ENOUGH. HERE’S A CANDLE TO REMIND YOU: YOU’RE SEXY. I APPRECIATE YOU. I BELIEVE IN YOU. I’M PROUD OF YOU. I LOVE YOU.” This is the perfect addition to any gift, this just shows that you put thought into your gift! 

8.) Romantic Toilet Paper- Okay, how funny and cute is this?! If you’re trying to be romantic and dorky, look no further! This “I love the 💩 out of you” toilet paper is a total keepsake! I promise you, you will make her laugh! 

9.) Sweater- We all loves sweaters! As a previous boutique owner, i can assure you that sweaters are always a top pick! Sweaters are actually the most selling piece in the retail world! I picked this specific cardigan because it’s so cute! The colors are perfect, it’s lightweight but also warm enough and cozy! 

I hope this article has helped spark ideas and inspiration on what to gift your special lady! I’ve personally used every product listed and that is why I’m recommending them to you! I’ve linked every single product on my LTK and linktree! Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

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